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2011 Season Recap

As the season wraps up for me (except for some local practice and testing) I like to reflect on my season and see how i’ve progressed throughout and give thanks to those who have supported me. I had to cancel my last two larger events of the year because my wife was put on bedrest as our 2nd child looked to be coming early. However things have slowed down and while he may come any day it’s a wait and see game for now! We look forward to welcoming him into the world soon! In the meantime i’m preparing for an amazing 2012 and making sure i’m crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s. I’m ready for the best racing year of my career but let me not get ahead of myself here. 2011 was a great year for me and I like to consider it a foundation year where i’ve built a solid floor and things can only get better!

As I reflect on 2011 I remember it starting off a little discouraging. It was a new company for me as I had just recently signed a 10 year deal with Team Durango. I was learning the car and with only having 1 Nitro car it was hard to get track time at some of the larger events. Eventually though with big props to Billy Fisher we got a good base set-up for the car and the year started to come together. In March I got my first bigger victory at the Psycho Nitro Blast and I knew that my year was going to be alright. Throughout the Summer I had some bad luck at some of the larger events with one off stuff that never happens but I always showed pace and for that I can look forward to better luck next year and beyond! As the year began to close out I was able to win a couple classes at every event I went to and it was a great finish to the season!

I am also big on Statistics. So here are some of my 2011 Season Stats:

1st Place Finishes – 33 2nd Place Finishes – 7 3rd Place Finishes – 1 Top Qualifier Honors – 36

Some of my best results include: -Southern Nationals TQ and Win in Pro Buggy and 4WD SC, Win in E-Scale -Psycho Nitro Blast TQ and Win in Pro Buggy -Silver State Nitro Challenge 3rd Place in Pro Buggy -OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge TQ and Win in Pro Buggy -ROAR 1/10th Offroad Nationals TQ and 2nd in Pro 4WD SC -Byrons Challenge TQ and Win in Pro Buggy -Byron Fuels Western Cup TQ and Win in Pro Buggy

Miles Flown – 1**,**5 Hotel Nights Stayed – 80+ # of separate Airplanes flown on – 73

So again I just want to thank all of my sponsors who made my 2011 year a success in my eyes! I look forward to my best year ever in 2012!

2011 Trophy Presentation

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