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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

So here we are on the home stretch of the year most would rather soon forget. As 2020 draws to a close I have made the decision upon reflection of my R/C career to begin to put down more of a longer term game plan. I have been offered an exciting opportunity to work with a new distributor named W.R.C. North America who will be the distributor throughout all the America's for my new chassis sponsor W.R.C. Now i'm sure many especially in the America's and even more so in off-road have possibly never heard of this brand W.R.C (World Racing Car). But they have been an RC manufacturer and racing team since 1998. Primarily in the on-road scene with ties to Formula 2 where the owner's son Luca Ghiotto currently competes. They also design and manufacturer a handful of parts for both F2 and F1! They are an Italian brand, designed and manufactured in Italy.

Luca Ghiotto Qualifying in Sochi F2

As for my role, if you can name it, i'll probably have my hand in it in one way or another. I have been assigned the role of making this brand what it will be in the America's. Starting out that means everything from Racing, testing, and promoting on the track to the behind the scenes of working with distributors and shops to help them get set up. I will be creating educational videos to learn and showcase the platforms. I also will be the team manager for the offroad side of things as they currently offer 1/8th Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy with their SBX and SBXE. This company has plans to be a full service R/C racing company with a competitive offering in most all the primary racing classes. I know a Nitro and possibly Electric Truggy along with 1/10th 2wd and 4wd buggies are in the plans as we work out the vision of W.R.C.!

W.R.C. current platforms available!

As for the team manager position I want to try out a new formula I've been thinking about. I'm talking primarily to hobby shop and track owners right now when I say this is your chance to help institute change. We all know the inherent issues with the sponsor everyone with a pulse that has ravaged shops and tracks throughout the U.S.A. I'm offering a chance at change. My idea would see a minimal amount of 'influencers' who would be sponsored directly. Never more than 1-2 in a region (meaning if you held a regional level event where you pull from a 3-5 hour radius you would only see 1-2 sponsored drivers from W.R.C. (But hopefully a lot of hobbyists enjoying the brand and supporting your shop!). To make this happen I'm calling on the shop owners. I want to see W.R.C. in shops across the America's. The price point is going to be perhaps best in class and this is partly possible by the minimal sponsorships given. We want to pass on the savings to the R/C loving hobbyist and lower the entry point to be competitive and have a blast on the race track. And we want to see hobby shops sponsor their local talent who they know more than anyone and utilize W.R.C. vehicles and drive sales to the shops so we can keep our club racing and tracks! If this sounds like something you are onboard with I implore you to reach out to me and let me know. LutzRC299@gmail.com Because while I have been given the blessings of ownership to move forward with some of my crazy ideas, if it isn't responded to and taken action upon, we could be reluctantly forced to use the current model, while I would much rather support the grass roots of this hobby and our tracks!

In closing this is all coming together very quickly. I built my first SBXE over the past couple days and I'm super impressed by the quality. I can't wait to hit the track for the first time. I am so grateful for this opportunity and also quite frankly intimidated. This is a big opportunity and responsibility they have bestowed up me and I'm being put on the forefront of W.R.C. North America to make this brand be what it's going to be. Ownership has been so wonderful to work with, our values align in a way that makes me believe this is going to be a huge success. I get to put my stamp on this brand and I'm going to build it with a Love for this hobby and for others. I sincerely thank all those who support me and have done so throughout my career. I do ask that you keep an eye on my blog or YouTube or Facebook as we are going to be pumping out information as we get this program built out. I will also update this blog post as more links and availability become available. I'd say by first of the year we will be fully functional with the best product availability and support we can offer.

If you have any questions, ideas, thought's about what I have shared or anything else please send me a message on facebook or at LutzRC299@gmail.com

Below is my E-buggy SBXE build that I just completed!

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