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USRC event at Region 2 HQ

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Over the weekend I took a drive out to a new track to me Region 2 HQ or G's Raceway. I took my two Agama buggies for some Friday practice and Saturday racing. Also Friday night I was able to put on a free drivers clinic where I did a live Q&A answering everyone's questions as best I could.

Come Saturday when racing got underway, rain showers kept popping up on the radar. We lost some morning practice time but got in the first qualifier after some track prep. Usually this track is very high traction but due to the rains dissolving the sugar, the surface was more of a medium grip with some loose dust outside of the line that developed. The layout was on the easier side which allowed me to run both of my electric qualifiers and both nitro qualifiers within 4 seconds of each other. Once again proving that both Nitro and Electric are generally very close to the same lap times and can put in the same results.

I was able to take the TQ in both classes and both cars felt great. When the track was at it's driest I ran SS Zip front and Catapult rears on my e-buggy. When it had some moisture in it I ran Ultra soft P1's for qualifying and the Ultra soft Scribbles in the 20 minute Nitro buggy main. All tire selections worked great but please note that usually the surface is much higher grip and more abrasive so these were a good selection if they have another wetter event.

For the mains I was able to throw down a 22.8 in both classes and that was pretty much my max best time I was able to do a few times both from practice the night before and during the day. I would go on to take the 10 minute ebuggy win by a lap and a half and a little over 2 lap victory in nitro after the 20 minute main. Both Agama rides being on point the whole time.

Set-up sheets below:

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