Ryan Lutz Kyosho Set-up Sheets

Check out my set-up sheets from all the events I attend. I've also tried to

add in a photo or video of the track to give a better idea of the surface.

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Indoor Small 1/10th size track. Looser dirt. Use Clay or Ultra Soft Typo generally. Has some loose dirt on top, a few smaller holes here and there. (This was my first two days running the cars. I never got around to diffs or shocks (except springs on NB))

Southern Indoor
Champs (SIC) 2022

Large Track, 200+ ft straight away. 35 second lap times. Medium grip in the groove. Track deteriorating and falling apart, lots of sharp ruts and bumps in corners and in acceleration and deceleration areas. Lots of dust outside of and in the line where deteriorating. (I'm still not happy with any of my cars, I need more track time, but you can see where I am at currently.