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Alpha B852 .21 [5 port engine]

Alpha B852 .21 5+2P Off-Road Competition Engine

(Based off the original A852 Engine)

(Glowplug not included) (Uses Turbo type glowplug)

Includes 8mm Venturi



Displacement            3.45cc

Bore                               16.26mm

Stroke                           16.8mm

Practical RPM.           3,000-40,000 RPM

Power Output.           2.58ps/ 39,800 RPM

Weight.                         350g

Ports.                             5+2P

Sleeve.                          ABC

Crankshaft Diam      14mm Diameter

Glow Plug Type.        Turbo

Exhaust.                        Rear

Carburetor Diam.      8mm (Variable)

Case Material.            Aluminum

Alpha B852 .21 [5 port engine]

SKU: 21-B852

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