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LutzRC Hometown, "The Clinic" Race, LCRC Halloween Classic

Since the Worlds I have been attending a host of 'local' events in my region. I have had computer problems which I have finally resolved and can now provide some updates and new content moving forward. The three bigger events I have attended were my LutzRC Hometown shootout at Medina RC Raceway. "The Clinic" Race presented by T.A.R.C.A.R and Adam Drake in Toledo, Ohio. And finally the season finally LCRC Halloween Classic at LCRC Raceway. I ran Nitro buggy, E-buggy and E-truggy at the first two whilst just running my E cars for the LCRC event. Overall set-up changes were minimal at these events as they generally have pretty similar grip levels at these tracks and thus primary changes were just shock oils for temperature swings.

At the LutzRC Hometown race Joey Bourdon and I put on some epic battles in all three classes. We at times had 5 minutes of nothing but swapping positions and running nose to tail as it is both of our home tracks and we know it pretty well. In the end he would get in me Nitro buggy and I would get him in the double Electric mains. It's great having a young fast local to help me keep my skills sharp as you will continue to hear his name more and more at the big races!

At the T.A.R.C.A.R event I went with the Bourdon's again and this time we got to tangle with the one and only Adam Drake. This was his home track growing up and he hadn't been there in about 15 years. And for me it's only about 2.5 hours from my home and where I grew up but this was my first time ever making the trip, and it won't be my last. The track was a ton of fun with two very fun camel hump floaters in the front. I would use one qualifier in each of my 3 classes as a GoPro run where I got some GoPro footage. In the end I would qualify 1st in E-truggy and 2nd in both buggies. The buggy mains were epic battles. In E-buggy Joey and I would run nose to tail with him out front for the first 3 laps where there was nearly no space between tail and front bumper. We did get into each other at the end of the front straight and Joey crashed and got caught in the marshals (his dad's) shoe lace. I waited for him to get untangled but the pack was coming so I took it easy for a couple of laps until he got into second and right behind me. Then it was race time again. My ebuggy was so good on AKA SSLW Impacts and I was able to pull away just a bit to take the win. E-truggy I was able to take a lap victory with the new Kyosho MP10Te. In nitro buggy Drake started out front and we had a good 3 way battle for 5 minutes or so. Then Drake pulled out a 3 or 4 second lead. Joey would catch up to me a bit and we would battle for a bit but kept it clean to keep pace with Adam. After the second pit stop we started to catch up to Adam and with about 3 minutes to go I was within a second and he made a mistake over the front camel humps allowing me to get by. Then he got a bad marshal job and Joey got by too. I was able to extend out and take an 8 second victory to win all 3 classes this weekend!

My final stop on this 3 week journey was LCRC for their Halloween Classic. I just ran electric classes to help others with their nitro's this weekend. My MP10e was so very good with this set-up I had been running the past couple of weeks. I was primarily running Ultra Soft or Super Soft Chainlinks or Double Downs. But for the last qualifier I went with SS Typos and they were so fast. As long as there is a decent line the Typos are simply the fastest tire out there. In the main the track began to dry out a little more and so I opted for SSLW Typos and they were ballistic too. I was able to crack the 40 second barrier 3 times with a 39.6 fast lap to take the victory. In etruggy I was also able to take the TQ and Victory running AKA SS and SSLW impacts throughout the weekend.

LCRC Raceway

Overall a great 3 consecutive weeks of racing with 7 of 8 class victories and a 2nd. My cars a very comfortable and I look forward to finishing out this year strong and I'm really looking forward to the '23 campaign!

Medina R/C Raceway

MP10E Set-up sheet - Basically the same for all 3 events. For a little while at TARCAR I ran inside hole for rear shock position in the arm ( this gave a little more rotation in some of the tighter 180's.) However when grip came up I needed it to square up better on exit and have a little more rear support on exit and so I went back to outside hole on arm.

*Also center diff is the small center diff IF403B with IFW634-46S Spur. (6K in this small center diff would be approximately 8 or 9k feel in the kit large center diff)

Kyosho MP10Te set-up from all 3 events. Only tires really adjusted for conditions and temperatures. SS if track had some moisture or conditions were say 50-60 or below. SSLW if the track developed a bit of a line or temps got above 60s. Front spring wise closest Current available is the 70mm blue but the one I am using is lower frequency (more coils) and 1.6mm diameter coil vs. the 70mm blue being 1.5mm.

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