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S&B R/C Speedway

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

I was able to make my first journey to S&B R/C Speedway and it was a great experience. With traction levels on the high end and beautiful 80* Fall weather it made for an awesome two days of R/C racing. Hearing of the grip levels I preemptively went to my 30-20-20 diffs in Ebuggy with the 10/20 internals and it was the perfect choice for what the grip ended up being. I also basically stuck with the AKA MLW Lux tire which proved fast on yet another surface and gave me confidence to be able to drive hard.

In nitro buggy I arrived with a standard 7-(20)-3 diff setup with the 12/18 gears in the center. I quickly realized after running and running my ebuggy with the heavier diffs that I would be going up in nitro as well. I went to 30-(50)-20 to try to make the 12/18s work, but I feel they are just best suited for low to medium grip. I just felt they were still diffing out a little to easily to the front in higher speed sweepers. So I swapped to the 10/20s and 20k in center and it smoothed out the cornering action with the rest of my diff setup.

After that I had to go up in shock oils as temps were a good 20-30* higher than my last race as well as the higher grip where I desire to slow down the shock action just a bit. I also played with my radio settings and turned the steering speed (turn) down to 94 on the radio. Finally went lower on the front link (inside down) to keep it from diving hard at the end of the straight 90* sweeper and also went up in swaybars to 2.4/2.6 (from 2.2/2.4).

After getting all setup, things felt really good. As an addition to the rest for the 30 minute Amain I also taped down the foams front and rear which stablilized the car even more. I was able to take the TQ in both classes and got to start on pole.

In the main for ebuggy I ended up making a mistake and lost a lot of time but charged had quickly to catch Kasten. I got the lead but then we swapped a couple more times before I settled in for the win.

In nitro buggy it was a similar story early but with Kasten getting by I paced behind him close for a while, then got into the lead and pulled out to a 10 second plus lead. However I made a mistake in a bad area and sat upside down for 10 plus seconds loosing the whole lead I had built. Another battle ensued for a few laps but I was able to stay clean and reassert my lead and pull out to a near 1 lap win at the end of the 30min race.

Overall a very fun day of racing and super pleased with my cars and the performance on the high grip as I hadn’t been on many high grip tracks the last two years. Also thanks to the generous racers I was able to raise another $340 towards easing awareness of human trafficking and supporting men and women on the ground rescuing women and children and educating law enforcement. Total for the drive now stands at $1,500! Thank you!

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