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USRC race at Sumter RC in South Carolina

I just finished up my quick double flight journey to Sumter, South Carolina for the USRC event. This was my first time flying since February and i'll admit I was hesitant to go thinking all the new added rules and what now would make it a greater burden then it already was. But after the trip I can actually say it could be my favorite time to fly ever. (Minus the mask). Atlanta being my layover and one of the most busy if not the most busy airports in the world was at 1/3 capacity at best. I, not liking crowds very much appreciated the smaller quantity of people all around. Everything was quicker in every airport, tsa, boarding, baggage claim ext. Delta also did a really amazing job making everything feel much safer. Many of the new cleaning standards (things that truly should have always taken place) really did make me feel more comfortable. It was also nice to be on a plane that didn't feel like a stuffed sardine can. Middle seats all blocked off and truly you don't have to sit next to anyone unless its family. My flights between Cleveland and Atlanta were maybe 1/3 occupancy, while my flights between Atlanta and Columbia SC had maybe 10 people. I realize this is very bad for business and the economy but after flying for about 1.5 million miles over the past decade plus it is nice to have some space and feel things are clean when flying.

Enough about that and on to the racing. The track was a lot of fun. A completely natural dirt outdoor track with no additives on it at all. They do a lot of work and prep regarding when and how much to water to try to develop a groove and have a whole system for rolling and grooming in the track between events. They layout was busy with a lot of turns and jumps and kept you on your toes. The turnout was a bit disappointing due to another large series race in the area but we made the most of what we had. I did a quick Q & A for those in attendance Saturday morning and we got to racing 2 qualifiers and the finals.

I had brought 4 different sets of scribbles from the LCRC event and used those through practice and qualifying. I liked the ultra soft when the track had some moisture in it. I went to the sslw when it was dryer and the grip was coming up more. I also ran a set of ultra soft with glued down foams when the grip was a little higher and it was really nice in the high speed sections being more stable. For the nitro buggy main however it really started to get a bit dusty as some small holes developed. I quickly mounted a set of SSLW Impacts and they were money. They cut through the dust and allowed me to 'widen' my racing line. I also realized I have probably been running way to light on shock oil lately and so right before I ran the nitro buggy main I went up 150cst front and 100cst rear and my car was the best it had been all weekend. I don't know why i've been on such a light oil fix but I now again have a good feeling for what symptoms that causes and will adjust better and more accordingly in the future.

I was able to TQ and win all my runs in my two Agama buggies and help out some other drivers with their cars and tuning and such. I really do enjoy doing these regional events where I can have a much greater impact on the hobbyist's and be of greater service to them.

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