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Dragon V Bundle w/ 2134 Pipeset

Dragon V Bundle w/ 2134 Pipeset

SKU: D5Bundle

Dragon V .21 [3-Port Pre Break-In Engine] + Alpha 2134 Pipeset Bundle (2134 is top end pipe)



Displacement:3.49cc Bore:16.26mm Stroke:16.8mm Practical R.P.M.:4000~41000rpm Power Output:2.860PS/39500rpm Weight:about360g Ports:3ports Sleeve:ABC Crankshaft Diam:14mm diameter Crankshaft:Anti-friction Crankshaft with Silicon Filled Glow Plug Type:Turbo Exhaust:Rear Carburetor Diam:8.0mm Case Material:Aluminum Carburetor:3 Needles

The Dragon V, is a pre broken-in, 3 port engine designed to our engineers very highest specification. The Dragon V continues with the Dragon IV’s benefit of being easy to tune and within 2-4 tanks, be ready to race due to the out of the box pre broken-in advantages.


With rigorous testing of the new engine, we have been able to improve the following key items of the engine:-

Piston: The lightweight full-milled piston provides the engine power acceleration, which allows for greater torque and better fuel efficiency.

Sleeve: The hand made cylinder liner sleeve improves the scavenging and exhaust efficiency, the effect is that this further increases the engine's acceleration and provides a higher speed when compared to our previous versions, while retaining the smooth and linear throttle feel. (Note – Scavenging efficiency is the ratio of the amount of fresh air compared to gas left in the cylinder after a combustion cycle)

Head Button: An O-ring is added to the new head button to ensure the engine has a lower and more constant temperature performance.

Backplate: The new backplate improves the scavenging efficiency of the engine.

Crankshaft: The crankshaft has had its timing adjusts to further suit the efficiency of the new sleeve.

Carburetor: A new 8mm bore carburetor has been developed which is easier to tune and able to provide more power depending on the venturi inserts used. 6mm, 6.5mm & 7mm Venturis are supplied with the engine. 7.5mm and 8mm as options.

Crankcase and Cooling head: New V logos have been added to the crankcase to match the new bright red cooling head.


Recommended exhaust is the Alpha 2159, and P6 plug.