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2016 Season Recap

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

The 2016 season was another great one for me. This was my second full year with Tekno RC, and the second year keeping the same primary race package together.

Here is how long I have been with each of my 2016 sponsors.

Tekno RC – 2+ years

Alpha Plus – 7 years

Byron Fuels – 6 years

AKA Tires – 9 years (since day 1)

Futaba – 5 years

Tekin – 7 years

ProTek RC – 5 years

PT RC Oils – 5 years

Dutch Oven Designs – 1 year

Diggity Paints – 1 year

LutzRC – 5 years

I was actually surprised how many years I have been with a couple of my sponsors. It feels great to be able to support some brands I really believe in for a long time.

Most of my 2016 Trophy Haul!

Some of my biggest highlights of this season include:

 -Buggyland in Spain, 2nd in Nitro buggy and TQ in E-buggy

-Fall Brawl victory in Nitro Buggy

-My best finish at the IFMAR Worlds in 1/8th Nitro in 9th at Tekno’s first Worlds.

-Helping to put on my first event, the LutzRC Hometown Challenge

-Triple Victory with Two TQ’s at the Sikcross event (A top 25 qualifying event)

-Gas Champs triple TQ and Wins in the Nitro classes.

-ROAR Nationals – 2nd in 4wd SC and Nitro Truggy, 3rd in E-buggy, 5th in Nitro buggy.

-I had my community magazine write an article on me and also my Church newsletter!

-Ran 5 classes again at the Psycho Nitro Blast!

-At Neo got TQ in e-buggy and was super fast in Nitro all weekend.

I want to thank all of my sponsors from 2016 who helped make it my most successful season ever!

Tekno RC – (NB48.3, NT48.3, EB48.3,  ET48.3, SCT410.3)

Alpha Plus – (Alpha Plus Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine, Alpha Dragon 3 Engine)

AKA Racing (Amazing tires, wheels, foams, that keep me fast on any surface!)

Byron Fuels (30/8 Worlds Blend fuel, The most consistent fuel in the industry!)

Futaba (4PX Radio, S9373SV Servos, R304SB Rx)

Tekin (RX-8 Gen 2, Redline T8 Gen 2 1900 motor (2000 truggy)

ProTek RC (2600 Lipo Rx packs, 100C full size packs)

Dutch Oven Designs (Graphics, stickers)

PT RC Racing Oils (Shock and Diff oils)

Diggity Paints (Paintjobs!) (my small business that keeps me busy on my ‘off days’ haha)

R/C Hobby of Medina (My fathers Hobby Shop)

-Matt Wolter and Daniel Lewis among others at Tekno who have helped me raise my game and been there for me all season in the pits or a phone call away!

In 2017 I’m looking for my best season ever. I think everything is coming together this year to make that happen. The new Tekno .4 buggies are going to be the next craze, as they are much easier to drive and super fast. I can’t wait to kick off the year with some big races and hopefully some big wins!

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