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2023 Season Recap

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Resurgence is the theme of my '23 season as I see that resurgence of Kyosho vehicles as I travel around the country! I was able to put in some great results this year in what is becoming a deeper field of talent it seems everywhere we go. With the results I was able to put out this year as well as the signing of "Lil Bump" Phi Long to the Kyosho team for '24, things are really shaping up for a continuation of the resurgence! Rejoice Kyosho loyalists as there is even more to root for in '24!

Ryan Lutz 2023 Trophy Haul

Best Results of the '23 Campaign:

SIC Nitro Buggy - 3rd

Silver State Nitro Truggy - 2nd

LoneStar Challenge - 1st x3 🏆🏆🏆

ROAR Nitro Nats - Truggy - 4th

ROAR E-Nats - Ebuggy - 3rd

Wicked Weekend - Etruggy - 1st 🏆

Mugen Challenge - Ebuggy + Etruggy 1st 🏆🏆, Nitro buggy 3rd

Peach State - Nitro Truggy 1st 🏆, Ebuggy + Nitro buggy 3rd

AMS 14.0 - Nitro Truggy 3rd, Nitro Buggy 5th

Fall Brawl - 1st x3 🏆🏆🏆

US Open - Nitro buggy 2nd, Ebuggy 3rd

I really feel as we got into the second half of the season especially that my competitiveness continued to improve. I was able to pretty consistently be in the mix at most events. I really feel the new AKA tires have helped a lot in this regard. The Diamante and the Lux are now my primary two tires that I have been running down the stretch and I think it's going to offer a good start to the '24 season!

I have now been at this professional R/C career for 18 years. When I write down or think about these numbers it's quite surprising as I still feel young and that I have the same abilities I had starting out, only wiser. Perhaps playing with R/C day in and day out for 30+ years keeps you young. :-D

Here is how long I have been with each of my 2022 sponsors:

Kyosho America – 2 year (4.5 years total)

Alpha Plus Engines – 3 years (10 years total)

AKA Tires – 16 years (since day 1 of AKA)

Futaba – 12 years

Tekin – 14 years

VP Racing Fuels – 3 years

ProTek RC – 12 years

Amain Hobbies - 12 Years

Boom Graphics – 3 years

Prevail Paint - 3 years

LutzRC – 12 years


I want to thank all of my sponsors from 2023!

Kyosho America– (MP10TKI3, MP10e TKI2, MP10T, MP10Te)

AKA Racing (Tires, wheels, foams, Glue!)

VP Racing Fuels (Fuel that I helped to develop (Lutz Blend)!)

Futaba (T10PX USLE Radio, HPS-CB701 Servos, R404SBS Rx)

Tekin (RX-8 Gen 3, Redline T8 Gen 3 1900 motor (2000 truggy)

ProTek RC (2600 Lipo Rx packs, 100C full size and Shorty LiHV packs)

-Amain Hobbies (Almost anything you could want R/C related)

Boom Graphics (Graphics, stickers)

Prevail Paint (Paintjobs!)

-Will Walker my pit man extraordinaire for absolutely dialed pit stops! He is a big part of my program and success now. Thank you Will!

Will Walker Pitman extraordinaire

Thank you for following along on my journey! Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel (Ryan Lutz) and subscribe to watch all of my onboard video's that I try to do at every event as well as track walks and tips and maybe more come '24!

I even got a cool graphic shirt you can order to support my program. Currently available here:

Soon may be available on my website as well.

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