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2022 Season Pre-Cap with Kyosho!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

It's a new year and we are all hoping to be able to get to the track more often this year and have some joy in racing our R/C cars. For this year I have teamed up with one of the most iconic brands in the industry and the one in whom I got my start with professionally back in 2006. I'm excited to report I will be racing for Kyosho after a 13 year hiatus, and it feels great to be back!

Regarding my other awesome sponsors they will mostly all be staying the same from last year. Here I will share the lineup and how long I have been with each of them:

AKA Tires - 14 years (since the day they started)

Futaba - 10 years

Tekin - 12 years

ProTek RC - 10 years

Alpha Plus - 6 years

VP Racing Fuels - 3 years

LutzRC - 10 years

Boom Graphics - 2 years

Prevail Paints - 2 years

Here is my announcement of returning to Kyosho and a quick overview of the two buggies the MP10 TKI2 and the MP10E:

A couple days later I was able to turn my first laps on a small local track to me and what impressed me the most was the truggy the Kyosho MP10T. Here is a couple laps with it on my first tank out with it:

The season is going to start off being a very busy one. I'm trying to get all the track time that I can to learn the cars and put my best foot forward this race season. I have a renewed vigor and I plan on producing more content than ever before and i'm working hard on all aspects of my program to really make this my best year possible.

Thank you for your support and I keep checking back to where I will recap my races and provide as much information as I can to help you improve your racing!

-Ryan Lutz

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